Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The leaves are fallin, the word is spreadin...

Today we had our third approximation of the West Seattle community Feldenkrais clinic.
Ana Oeste taught the ATM lesson, a wonderful exploration of sitting, using a chair to get to the floor, lying down, and going back to the chair.
Of course this lesson is/was geared toward the more senior members of our society...the ones that usually give me that look of "you'll have to get me off the floor if you make me lie down there!"

After the group lesson Ana, Mary, and I gave 1-on-1 lessons to the public.
I even ended up receiving a great lesson from Ana at the end, since we had a couple openings.

The next community clinic will be:
 Tuesday, October 26th at the West Seattle Senior Center.

Book Now as the three 1:30 lesson slots have already been booked.
We still have spots available at 2:15 and 3:00pm.

If you'd like an appointment call Erik LaSeur at 206-406-8154

What's your dream?

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