Monday, August 16, 2010

Learning in the doing

Gas Works Park in Seattle

Yesterday I worked at my 5th street fair this season.  It was a low-key blues music festival in the middle of one of Seattle's larger urban parks.
Despite the 95 degree temperatures, we were busy all day, giving lessons and spreading the word of the wonderful work we do.
The above picture was taken before I erected my pop-up shelter, we were just to the right of the red canopy.
That along with sheets added to serve as walls provided wonderful shade for us to work in, and for the public to relax into themselves better while with us.
Having tried this 5 different times this year has given me valuable information on what works and what doesn't work:

A crowd does draw a crowd.
I knew this lesson from my days working at a gas station in the 70's. It was feast or famine, once one car comes in it tends to draw others in too.

Props help to stir the audiences curiosity.
My skeleton (dennis) has made appearances at 3 of these street fairs, and he always seems to be a crowd favorite.
Also, the use of clever signage. Mary made up two tall white boards, one with one word questions (anxious?, tired?, joyful?, etc.), and the other with a short blurb on what we were offering that day.

Look interesting.
The great thing about working with someone is that if no one comes in, then you can give each other a lesson. These lessons are always cut short by someone stopping by and wanting to be next.
Sitting around, twittling your thumbs doesn't draw people in very well

Have is short.

For more on the Feldenkrais Method

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