Sunday, January 30, 2011

Roll on the floor, learn something new

It amazes me sometimes the things I can learn just by lying on the floor, and playing with little movements.
After much time away from playing any kind of music, I've gotten bitten by the performance bug again. 
I recently saw the band I used to gig with playing at a local bar..."Erik where's your sax?" was the lead singer's cry out.

So I've pulled out my horn and am re-learning some old songs and learning some new ones.
Encountering some of the challenging spots I have in the past, my approach to change has changed much.
Lying on the floor and learning how I can do some challenging movements, by having a sense of lightness, keeping it simple, and not using force...this has helped me to learn how to play challenging passages on my saxophone.

Whether the challenge is one of keeping your balance, getting out of a chair easily, or learning to deal with frustration, Feldenkrais may offer an answer.

This Tuesday, February 1st we'll be having the next installment of the West Seattle community Feldenkrais clinic at the West Seattle Senior Center.

See you there!


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